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Riccar R25S Standard Clean Air Upright Vacuum

Reliable cleaning performance on all types of floors, plus m..

Riccar R30D Brilliance Deluxe

Dual motors combine for outstanding power, durability and fi..

Riccar R10CV SupraLite Cordless Vacuum

Cordless, powerful cleaning for carpet and bare floors, plus..

Riccar R20D Deluxe Vibrance

A floor selector and powerful cleaning with tools make this ..

Riccar R25D Deluxe Clean Air Upright Vacuum

Powerful cleaning to combat allergies plus advanced design t..

Riccar R10S SupraLite Standard

There's nothing standard about this SupraLite.

Riccar VIBC Commercial Vibrance w/ Tools

Designed for daily use, the Commercial Vibrance is ready to ..

Riccar Mini Gem

Vacuum small messes quickly with this versatile and mighty m..

Riccar RSQ1 SupraQuik Portable Canister Vacuum

The SupraQuik is a portable canister vacuum that's perfect f..

Riccar R10P SupraLite Premium Vacuum

Perfect for carpet and bare floor cleaning, this lightweight..

Riccar R25P Premium Pet Clean Air Upright Vacuum

Outstanding maneuverability plus premium particle filtration..

Riccar PRIMAP.CPN Prima Power Team with Full-Size Nozzle

Packs tremendous power in a slim, low-profile nozzle.

Riccar Power Nozzle 35' Hose Kit - RPT-2 - Central Vac

This Deluxe Attachment Kit is the perfect compliment to your..

Riccar RPU-C4 Central Vac

Use this central vacuum with or without a bag for amazing cl..

Riccar SupraLite R17 Premium Vacuum

LIghtweight vacuum designed for deep cleaning of plush carpe..

Riccar R30PET Brilliance Pet Retriever Tandem Air

Perfectly captures pet hair from carpeting and upholstery.

Riccar Central Vac Premium Unit - RPU-C160

The Deluxe Hybrid Central Vacuum can be used with or without..

Riccar R50TAP Prima Canister Vacuum

Riccar's most versatile canister with sealed HEPA media filt..

Riccar R40P

Tandem Air Upright Vacuum

We carry all Riccar models. Call (507)377-8244 for more information.

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M-F 10-6, S 10-2, Closed on Sundays
2720 Bridge Ave. Albert Lea, MN 56007
(507) 377-8244
Free Shipping Over $100